"My task of selecting the keynote speaker for our year end meeting of the National Association of Women Business Owners was extremely important. My definition of a first rate speaker is one who is easy to listen to, witty and very wise. Lillian Lambert is such a speaker. Thanks to education, courage and the blessing of time, Lillian shared her road to success. I could tell from the eyes of our audience how engaged they were, how quickly the time flew and how much they enjoyed her stories."

Joan Bowling
Program Chair, VA National Association of Women Business Owners

"Lillian is an iconic part of American history, and an inspiration for anyone who faces obstacles that they need to overcome in order to achieve their goals. Her wisdom comes from her own experiences, her ongoing studies with leading executive development and coaching programs, and the people she attracts. Lillian is a great listener, and a thoughtful and wise coach who will ground you in confidence, competence, and the right path to take for success."

Andrew Neitlich
Owner, Center for Executive Coaching

"The responses I received, when Lillian spoke to the luncheon my organization hosted, were almost always preceded with, "WOW!" Lillian gave a presentation that informed but most of all inspired each person in the room. One attendee said, "The luncheons have always been phenomenal, but this one was hit 'out of the park. She truly is a role model for all of us."

Renee Cobb
Director, WOVEN (Women of Value in Every Nation)

"Lillian's is a true American success story. Through her entrepreneurship, tenacity, intelligence, hard work, and humility, she stands as a role model for all young people. My admiration for her is boundless."

Charles O. Heller
Director, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

"It was a personal pleasure to be able to host you as the first speaker for our CEO Breakfast Series and Black History month event. You were a great CEO and you made history on several fronts. I enjoyed the opportunity to be with you again and to learn more about you. I know our audience was impressed and excited – excited enough to come out in questionable weather."

Kenneth Clark
President & CEO, MD/DC Minority Supplier Development Council

"Lillian Lincoln Lambert was a very engaging speaker at our Economic Empowerment Summit. She urged the audience to “get started” and “It doesn’t matter when you bloom as long as you bloom”. Mrs. Lambert was very polished and professional in her presentation. Her presentation was backed by her wealth of experiences ranging from her Harvard attendance to her success as an entrepreneur. She inspired the audience because of her ability to connect with them through her life story. She is a powerful speaker and an accomplished author."

Marquita Miller
Conference Chair, Harvest Church

"It was a pleasure to have you as the keynote speaker for our Diamond & Gold Jubilee Anniversary. Not only did you deliver your speech, professionally but with a lot of punch, excitement and knowledge. We could relate your message to our everyday life. It was amazing how you beautifully tied in your love for the game of golf to understanding life’s lessons. You have devoted a lifetime to building relationships and have made a tremendous difference in the lives of many. Thank you for your words of wisdom, your enlightenment and your encouragement. We were certainly inspired and went away with the knowledge and the fortitude to strive to reach far beyond our highest dreams."

Paulette Savoy

President, Wake Robin Golf Club

"It was an honor having Lillian as our guest speaker at the Richmond Risk Management Association’s (RMA’s) Women in Business Luncheon. We had an overwhelming positive response on the event. Lillian’s ability to connect with her audience was apparent from how engaged everyone was. Each person left inspired and convinced that, 'It does not matter if you bloom early or late, as long as you bloom,” as Lillian put it. Her authentic style and inspiring story made for yet another successful RMA luncheon."

Chitra Chavan
Women in Business Committee, RMA, Richmond, VA Chapter

"In 2010, Mrs. Lillian Lincoln Lambert was the guest speaker at the Joseph Business School, Kansas City, “Economic Empowerment Summit.” I had the honor and privilege of serving as her host and gleaned so much. She is a woman of wisdom, integrity, commitment and excellence. I read Mrs. Lambert’s book, The Road to Someplace Better. She was the first black woman to receive a Harvard MBA degree. With a $4,000 investment, she grew her business to a $20 million enterprise. After reading this awesome book, I realized that God placed an anointing for prosperity on her life. I wanted to be the recipient of guidance from this phenomenal woman. I asked her for mentoring and she agreed to coach me. During my initial coaching session, she recognized that my fire for entrepreneurship had dampened. After a few subsequent sessions, her coaching skills inspired, encouraged and set me back on task to achieving my goals"

Dr. Joyce G. Moore

President, Institute of Medical Imaging Procedures, LLC

"It was an honor having Lillian as our guest speaker at the Richmond Risk Management Association’s (RMA’s) ‘2011 Women in Business Luncheon’ on April 19th. We had an overwhelming positive response on the event."

"Lillian’s ability to connect with her audience was apparent from how engaged everyone was. Each person left inspired and convinced that, 'It does not matter if you bloom early or late, as long as you bloom,' as Lillian put it. Her authentic style and inspiring story made for yet another successful RMA luncheon."

"Thank you, Lillian."

Chitra Chavan

Women in Business Committee, RMA, Richmond, VA Chapter

"Lillian Lambert is a delightful human being, a dynamic and charismatic speaker, and a passionate story teller. Her presentation was wonderfully engaging and gave our students a positive blend of inspiration, history, motivation and education."

L'Tanya Richmond

Director of Multicultural Affairs, Smith College

"Thank you for your inspiring words at the MS Bar Convention: Price Prather Luncheon. Your words were rejuvenating and will forever transform our view as women lawyers in Mississippi."

Amanda Green Alexander

Chair, Women in the Profession Committee of the MS Bar

"Wow! What a great and awesome presenter. The nurses of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc enjoyed your keynote at our Northeast Regional Conference. After reviewing the evaluations, we are hoping to have you return. Thank you and keep up the dynamic work."

Priscilla Murphy LPCMH, MEd, BSN, RN, NCGC1

Nylex Educational & Counseling Services

"Lillian Lambert served as the featured speaker for the Walker’s Legacy: A Women in Business Lecture Series in Washington, DC and was remarkable. Her knowledge of business, her passion and her commitment were infectious to the audience and were complimented by a 'down-to-earthiness' that resonated well with all who attended. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from her session and many of the women felt connected to Lambert’s story of perseverance. She was a motivation to all who attended and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to inspire and inform."

Natalie M. Cofield

NMC Consulting Group
Chair, Economic Development Committee
DC Commission for Women

"Thank you very much for being a panelist and guest speaker during 'Write the Power: A Networking Luncheon and Seminar featuring African-American Writers and Communicators.' We recognize the value of your time given the success of your career and ensuing responsibilities. That is why your participation in and contributions to the event are all the more special."

"We continue to receive accolades and positive comments. You shared heart-felt words of wisdom, inspiration and motivation. We are gratified that guests, including aspiring writers and business owners, have expressed to us how much they gained from attending the event. Your eloquence and intelligence are much appreciated, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s event."

Bonnie Newman Davis & Linnie S. Carter

Creators: Write the Power ©

"Lillian Lambert is not only an inspiration because of her own life story, she is a grounded and seasoned business expert who will guide you to success, regardless of your challenges or circumstances."

Andrew Neitlic

Founder and Director
Center for Executive Coaching

"Ms. Lambert is a gifted storyteller who knows the power of a story to make a point. Her spirit and drive are contagious."

Alisa L. Griffin

Business Analyst II
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

"Lillian's speech was very enjoyable. Terrific ideas and heartfelt stories that I will remember always."

Angela B. Creech, JD

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

"Lillian, thank you for such an engaging presentation filled with useful information that I can apply to my personal life and business. Your points were well presented through your stories."

Donna Rominiecki

Vmeals (Point & Click Meals, LLC)

"Lillian Lambert tells a compelling story of her rise from humble origins to making history as the first African-American woman to earn an MBA from Harvard. Her strength of character, sage advice, coupled with her no-nonsense delivery, will resonate on some meaningful level with everyone in the audience."

Bill Bussey

Noble and Greenough School

"Lillian's guiding principles are solid, inspirational and motivational. Her resume is impressive. Overcoming all kinds of obstacles, she has achieved success - academic (MBA - Harvard) and entrepreneurial. She embodies her principles. Excellent presentation!"

Dr. Clark Scanlon

Baptist International Board

"It's not just what Lillian has done that's inspiring, it's who she is. Thank you for both."

Mary Foley

Woman In Charge
Bodacious! Ventures

"Thank you, Lillian! At about 4:30 this morning, I finished reading your book. What a great, inspiring story! I’m really in awe of you and of all you’ve accomplished. You’re a wonderful role model, not only for African-American girls, but for all young people, regardless of gender or color! I’m honored to be able to call you a friend."

Charles O. Heller

Former Member, Dingman Center
University of Maryland

"I love Dream Big - Act Now! I have big dreams and will continue to chase them. It's nice to know that I'm not the only late bloomer."

Jill F. Reynolds

Business Owner
Party Perfect

"I just finished reading your book. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I loved reading about your family, your hard work to get through Howard and Harvard and the beginning and growth of your business. But it was the chapters on leadership that I wish I had been able to have in front of me when I was a manager."

Janice Robinson

Federal Government Manager

"I found your presentation useful and appropriate for our organization. You took the time to research our organization and the history of nursing."

Darnell Glass

Mount Sinai Rehabilitation

"I met you last week at James River High School and purchased your book. I finished reading it over the weekend and I must say I loved your book. Thank you so very much for sharing of yourself to the world. I was very inspired by your testimony and I'm sure the book only touched the surface of all you endured on your journey to success."

Teshia Wright

Ivy League Realty, LLC

"The Daffodil Principle – planting one bulb at a time – took my breath away. You confirmed and reinforced many of my thoughts and activities to ensure success."

Alison W. Eckis

Employee Benefits Specialist
Straus, Itzkowitz & LeCompte

"I enjoyed hearing you speak. The speech was very inspirational. I would love to have you do a seminar at my business. I will be in touch."

Gayle Taylor

Vice President
Professional Training & Consulting, LLC

"Excellent presentation! As a 'very late bloomer', I am inspired to keep reaching, keep planning, and enjoy the journey."

Rose Boeckman

Virginia Cooperative Extension


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